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"A Simple Solution For Your Bookkeeping Needs"

Your personal accounting specialist is responsible for the bookkeeping and data entry, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of your accounting system. On a monthly basis, they close the books, prepare your financial reports (balance sheet, profit and loss statements), review your outstanding payables and aging receivables and check your cash flow to help identify specific areas that need attention. Your personal accounting specialist will present this information so you will be able to understand your companys financial position each month.....

Accounts Receivables
Accounts Payables
Cash Management
Financial Reporting
Periodic Tax Filing

Accounts Receivables 

         Invoicing or billings as needed from client work orders   

         Categorize receivable transactions into the accounting system   

         Prepare and issue periodic statements   

         Issue client-approved credit memos and refund checks   

         Maintain subsidiary receivables ledger   

         Process client-approved adjustments  

         Record payments received to customer accounts, from client prepared deposits    

Accounts Payable 

         Input vendor bills (invoices)   

         Classify expenses to the correct account   

         Maintain vendor histories   

         Manage vendor inquiries about payment status   

         Maintain copies of vendor payments  

         Preparation of applicable Form 1099   

         Issue checks to vendors based on due dates or client instruction   

         Reconcile vendor statements to accounts payable ledger   

         Reporting to organization on detailed aged payables and cash requirements   

Cash Management 

         Record sales and deposit reports   

         Verify deposits and report variances   

         Reconcile and verify credit card deposits  

         Reconcile monthly bank statements   


         Record and calculate depreciation and amortization   

         Maintain and classify, capitalize, and record fixed assets items and capital expenditures  

         Maintain depreciation schedules in accordance with Internal Revenue Service  guidelines   

Financial Reporting

         Profit & Loss (Statement of Income and Expenses) and Balance sheet

           (Statement of Assets and Liabilities) each month-end   

         Periodic Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable aging reports   


         Employee time records are uploaded by client each pay period   

         We complete payroll and the client prints, signs and distributes paychecks   

         Prepare employee earnings statements complete with current pay period and year-to-date

         wages, taxes, and adjustments 

         Prepare department summaries of month-to-date payroll data in addition to customized

reports specific to client  

         Prepare timely and accurate notifications of tax liabilities and deposits   

         Complete year end W-2 forms   

         Process and submit garnishment payments   

         File new hire reporting to state   

         Prepare, file, and pay all Federal, State, and local payroll taxes   

         Record payroll expenses    

    Periodic Tax Filings

State and local Sales and use tax filings 

Applicable Meals and Lodging tax filings

Payroll tax returns as applicable

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