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Security                                        Today's Date is: Wednesday April 11, 2012

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Security Procedures"A Simple Solution For Your Bookkeeping Needs"

All of our employees undergo vigorous background checks and are legally bound by

 non-disclosure agreements. The employee work environment is kept secure by:

A paperless environment; Restricted access to the internet- only

to our secure site; No access to printers; No removable media devices, such

as floppies, cd drives and USBs ports. No employee belongings are

permitted inside the workroom.

The Security System

Security concerns over your client's financial data are perfectly justifiable in the Internet Age. We have taken stringent precautions to keep your information strictly confidential and secure. We have implemented the following measures:

                               MS SQL multi level security system
                               128-bit SSL encryption
                               Verisign certified Website
                               Verisign certified servers located in the US


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