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Initial Set up Fee*"A Simple Solution For Your Bookkeeping Needs"

*Based on 10 Hours. 15% discount given on time over 10 hours

$350.00 Flat Fee

Basic Bookkeeping Services (Including the following)**Bank andCreditReconciliation
A/R & A/P
Financial Reports
1099 Preparation **Flat Monthly rate can be established once work is evaluated

$75.00 Per Hour
Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation  (only):

Includes Financial Reports

$75.00 Per Month
QuickBooks Online ** **Prices Vary According to Service--Call for Quote
Payroll Services

Payroll Check Preparation

Payroll Taxes including State and Federal Filings

W-2 Preparation and W-3 Preparation

$45.00 Per Hour
QuickBooks Online Payroll Service ** **Prices Vary According to Service--Call for Quote
Tax Preparation (State and Federal) - client responsible for all filing fees $125.00 Per Hour
Travel and Local clients (within 2 hours) - client responsible for travel fees $45.00 Per Hour
Travel to distant clients (2 or more hours) - client responsible for travel costs including airfare, hotel, meals, etc. $70.00 Per Hour
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