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Hi! I'm Debby Levine:"A Simple Solution For Your Bookkeeping Needs"

 I started Deb's Bookkeeping seven years ago. I worked as an office manager for a company when we decided to close the office and work from our respected homes. I realized that since I wasn't commuting three hours a day, I now had more time to take on additional client's. With a B.A. in Business and an A.A. in Management Information Systems, my passion has always been Bookkeeping. I enjoy spending time getting individuals and business' books in order. I always say to people, "send me your mess and I'll clean it up." I feel it is my job to help your company shine and that can only happen if your accounting is in order and you know you are on the right financial track. Let me help you get a clearer picture of your company's finances. Call me today! Phone: 805-375-5690 or email me at

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